Untamed Bakeshop lives at a certified home kitchen in Paradise, CA. Goods are made weekly in small batches & entirely from freshly-milled whole grains with names like sonora, emmer, red fife, spelt, & einkorn. Bread, cookies, & granola are available as a bread share, bakery box, custom order, or at local pop-ups & events.



sourdough Bread


This bread fills you up & leaves you feeling good. It has a dark, toasty, chewy, crust & contrasting moist, light, creamy crumb. Best sliced thick, eaten fresh, toasted, slathered with jam, ripped into a salad, dunked into soup, or crowned with a smashed avocado.


Red Wheat
Raisin rosemary
lavender walnut


100% whole grain cookies


For those of us who love cookies but don’t like refined sugars lacking nutrients, fiber, & flavor. This isn’t health food (they’re cookies, for Pete’s sake) but it’s not crap food & I don’t cut corners.


barley peanut butter
emmer chocolate chip
sonora snickerdoodles


superlative granola


This granola’s simplicity makes it so good. Not overly sweetened, good clusters, thoroughly toasted - it makes for a killer bowl of yogurt or topping for ice cream.


cinnamon Buckwheat
chocolate coconut hazelnut


whole grains / natural sweeteners / wholesome food / thoughtful gifts